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Unlimited offer and a wanna have copy of the ‘New Text Document’ file.

Order now and get your copy for cheap. And yes, you are allowed to makes as many copy’s as you wish!
What are you waiting for? Get it from our store and you will be a proud owner of a ‘new text document’ file.

It’s an empty file waiting for you to fill it. You can use:
uppercase letters
lowercase letters
symbols, such as ` ! ” ? $ ? % ^ & * ( ) _ – + = { [ } ] : ; @ ‘ ~ # | \ < , > . ? /\

But that’s not all. This file is for plain text. No disturbing text formatting attributes, like bold, italic, underline etcetera.
It represents the lowest common denominator for simple text only “documents”!
Your Windows computer is ready for it and is (normally) set to open the file with Notepad.
If you want to show off you could use Notepad++.